Twilight Ultra Challenge 2021


Fear No Twilight

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum distance to cover?

The minimum is only 5km. It's entirely up to you to run/walk as much as you like, up to the maximum of 16 hours. 
Can I start anytime after the official flag off time?
Yes, you may start at a time that is convenient for you. Regardless of what time you commence, you must complete your run/walk before the event ends.
Can I stop at any point and decide not to continue any further?
Yes. But only distances of every 5km completed before the cutoff time will be counted.  
For example: If you do not make it back to the Finish line before the cutoff of 16 hours, that distance of less than 5km which you did will not be counted.  We will take the previous 5km clocked.  So you will need to decide if you can make it by the cutoff time before you emark on the final 5km.
Is there any requirement to get the Finisher Pack (containing a Finisher T-Shirt & Medal)?
As long as you have opted & paid for the Special Pack, there is no minimum number of loops to complete before you can get the Special Finisher Pack.
Can I transfer my slot to another person?

Yes you may do so up to 2 days before the event date but we will not be able to change the name on the bib number tag.  Change of size of apparel depends on availability.  

Please send an email to with the replacement's details.

Transfer is Free of Charge.

There will be no refund of payment if you are unable to participate in the event.
When can I collect the Finisher Pack?
You may collect it anytime after you have finished at the event site on Event day.
Is there an event pack collection?
There is no event pack collection before the event day.  All items will be issued from 1.5 hours onwards before the start of the event.

You will receive a Bib with safety pins.
Are we allowed to take a nap/rest during the event?
There is no disqualification for resting/taking a nap/stopping at rest huts/shelters at any point in time. 

So do have a rest if you feel there's a need to.
Is there a toilet & shower facility?
Shower facilities are not available at the event site.

There are toilets about 50 metres from the Main event site & 50 metres from the 2.5km U-turn point.


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