Twilight Ultra Challenge 2018


Fear No Twilight

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Event Day Programme

 21 July 2018 Saturday 

 5.30pm – Registration, Collection of Bib, 

Deposit Special Needs Bag/BYOB (Bring Your Own 


6.45pm – Group photo, Event & Safety Briefing

7pm – Event Flag Off

22 July 2018 Sunday

11am – End of run

11.15am - Prize giving

11.30am - Group photo 

12pm – All bags, special needs items, BYOB are to 

be retrieved by participants


Proceed to the registration area. 

Register according to your Name/Bib Number.

You'll be issued 1 Bib with 4 safety pins, which is to be placed visibly on the front at all times during the event.  This will help us identify you as a participant.  You must show this Bib Number Tag whenever you wish to get the supplies provided at the support stations.  Failure to show the Bib Number Tag will not allow you to obtain the aid/supplies you require.

You'll also received your pre-ordered Event Short Sleeved T-Shirt.  Or you can collect it after you complete your run.
Prepare your mind, body and soul for the commencement of the event.
Ensure you have placed all your personal event-essential items in your self-provided Special-Needs Bag before self-depositing it at the Special-Needs area, located at the Main Event Site. 

To facilitate identification of your Special-Needs Bag, please write your bib number on a piece of tape & attach it to your bag.  We recommended you use a unique bag which will make it easier for identification/retrieval.

Your self-provided Special Needs Bag should be durable, able to withstand rough handling.  We will not be held responsible for any loss of/damaged/soiled items contained in the bag.  Please do not place any valuables in the bag.
Please retrieve your bag by 12pm on Sunday.  After 12pm, any unclaimed bags will be disposed.

Personal Bag Deposit/Retrieval
Please place your personal bag at the Bag Deposit Area at the Main Event Site.
Please refrain from leaving valuables in your bag as we will not take responsibility for any damage or loss of it.

For identification of your bag, we will write your bib number on a piece of tape & attach it to your bag.

You may retrieve your bag at any time by showing your bib to the bag official.
Please retrieve your bag by 12pm on Sunday.  After 12pm, any unclaimed bags will be disposed.
Please place your uniquely-marked personal bottle(s) at the Main support station located at the Main Event Site at least 15 minutes before the start of the event.  You may deposit up to 2 water bottles (1 for isotonic, 1 for plain water).
Please ensure that your bottle(s) are marked with (1) Your Name, (2) Your Bib Number, and (3 - Optional) Type of Drink (Sports or Water) so that we know what type of liquid to fill your bottle with. You may write the info on masking tape using pens.  These materials will be provided.
Please retrieve your bottle by 12pm on Sunday.  After 12pm, any unclaimed bottle(s) will be disposed.

Main Aid Station (Main Event Site)

*Sports Drink 
*Hot Water
*Milo 3 in 1
*Cup Noodles
*Potato Chips

2.5km Aid Station (U-Turn Point)

*Sports Drink

Post-Run Recovery (Main Event Site)
*Ice Bath (optional)

Post-Run Food Reception (Main Event Site)

*Available from 9.30am on Sunday official participants (with event bib number tags) & volunteers

You will receive a ProChip timing band (as shown in the below photo) together with your bib number tag.

To ensure your timings are captured whenever you reach the 2.5km U-turn point & at the end of every 5km lap at the main event site, please ensure your wrap the timing chip/band around your ankle securely.


(1) The timing chip/band should not be passed to another person to run any distance/the lap for you.  That will be cheating & you will be disqualified. 

(2) Once you have decided to stop & do not wish to continue, please return the timing chip/band to the timing staff.  Please do not leave the event site with the timing chip/band. 

(3) There will be a screen/monitor to view the number of laps you have completed & the time taken.  

(4) if you discover that the system did not capture your lap/time, please inform the timing staff immediately. 

If you have pre-ordered the Special Finisher Pack (T-Shirt & Medal), you may collect anytime after you have completed.  Please collect from the Finish Station (same as the Registration counter where you picked up your Race Bib Number Tag)

A briefing will be conducted 15 minutes before the event commences, at 6.45pm. 
This will allow you to understand how the event is being conducted and safety measures we should take note of.
Your safety is of utmost importance to us.  The event director reserves the right to stop the event in any circumstances, especially when your safety will be compromised.
Please take note of the below risks and actions that all of us should take note of:
Running in Low Light Condition
- Please wear bright coloured/reflective clothing to enhance your visibility to others as this event will be conducted under low light condition.
- Please stay on the footpath.  Refrain from entering the grass or the bicycle track.
Narrow Footpath
- Exercise caution whilst on the footpath, taking care to avoid/give to pedestrians, cyclists and other footpath users.
- Overtake others only when it's safe.  Do call out to the person whom you are overtaking so he/she is aware.
- Avoid running abreast of each other and blocking the whole footpath.
- We highly recommend you have sufficient sleep of at least 7-8hours daily, starting 1 week prior to the event.
- You are highly encouraged to rest at any of the shelters or benches should you feel sleepy or experience extreme fatigue during the event.  Volunteers and officials will be on the lookout for participants who show signs of fatigue and provide assistance.  Volunteers and officials will have the right to stop any participant from continuing with the event or impose a compulsory rest should they deem the participant not being able to continue with the event safely.  This is for your own safety.
- Please ensure you are well-hydrated prior to the event.
- Please make full use of our support stations located every 2.5km, stocked with water, isotonic drinks, bananas.  This will help prevent heat-related disorders.
- Do use the Special Needs Bag deposit facility for your own special needs e.g. energy bars/gels, sweets which will help you sustain throughout the event.
- There are other 24-hour options along the route, e.g. 7-Eleven, McDonald's where you can grab a bite or drink.  These are located very near to the event site.
Health Condition(s)
- Please declare your health condition when you report on event day.
- Please refrain from taking part if you are feeling unwell or if you are just recovering from any sickness/ill health recently as we will not be held responsible should any crisis/injuries occur to you as a result of taking part in the Twilight Ultra Challenge.
- You are advised to carry your medication with you during the event e.g. Asthma Inhaler
Injuries/Medical Situation/Emergency
- Professional Ambulance service with staff certified to perform CPR, AED & First Aid will be on standby at the Event Site's Medical/First Aid area to respond to any emergency. The ambulance will be on standby at Car Park D1 to provide evacuation from designated Casualty Evacuation Points (CEP) to the nearest hospital if required.
- Should you feel unwell at any point during the event, please stop & ask a fellow participant for assistance to seek help from the nearest Volunteer, who will then call for the First Aiders if necessary.
- Please notify any volunteers if you encounter any fellow participant who requires medical attention. The volunteer shall immediately call the Medical Official and communicate the location, signs/symptoms, number of casualties. The ambulance staff will be activated to respond to the location & render assistance/evacuate to hospital if necessary.
- In an emergency or In the unfortunate event where you are sent to the hospital, your Next-Of-Kin will be informed.
- The event director reserves the right to stop the event in any circumstances, especially where your safety will be compromised.
Lightning/Adverse Weather
The start of the event will be delayed until lightning is absent or adverse weather has subsided.
- If lightning or adverse weather occurs during the course of the event, participants will be informed by volunteers (under the direction of the event director) to take shelter at any of the shelters/huts along the route.  Please resume only when any of the volunteers has informed you to proceed. 
To do our part for the environment, all waste are to be placed in the trash bags which will be provided by the organiser as all rubbish must be removed from the event site after the end of the event.
Trash bags are also located at every support stations for your disposal of waste.  Please refrain from throwing waste into other areas such as the footpath, grass, sea, beach, etc.  Do make use of the numerous wastebins along the route.   It will be greatly appreciated by all users of the park and the environment.


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